Power is the backbone of what makes your home comfortable and liveable.

TPR Electrical knows that it can be frustrating and difficult when your power isn’t coping under the needs of your household. Our qualified Adelaide electricians are on call to make sure that your family is able to access all the power you need with minimal outages and interruptions year round.

TPR Electrical has electrical contractors experienced in a wide variety of power services and products, including:

  • power point installation
  • power point repair
  • power supply for appliances (including hot water systems, air conditioners, ovens, appliances, etc.)

Many homes don’t have enough powerpoints installed to cope with the variety of electrical equipment that is used on a daily basis. Rather than unplugging and replugging each time you want to use a different appliance or entertainment device, TPR Electrical can install more power points in your home.

Overcrowded or damaged powerpoints can also be a dangerous fire hazard, so making sure you have the right number installed and that your power supply can handle the demand is an important fire safety step. TPR Electrical will ensure that your power supply to household necessities like hot water systems, air conditioners, pumps, and appliances is steady and ready to take on the workload.

Our electricians are aware that rising electricity costs in Adelaide can be a burden for homeowners and are dedicated to working with our customers to find the most energy efficient electrical solutions. We discuss all avenues of our work with you before completion so that you can have full satisfaction in the finished product.

Speak to one of our qualified electricians about upgrading your home’s power supply or repairing, upgrading, or installing new power points in your house!

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