Security systems offer you peace of mind and keep you and your assets safe.

TPR Electrical’s qualified electricians in Adelaide have years of experience in choosing the perfect security systems for your circumstances so you can rest assured that your family is protected. Some insurance companies even require the installation of a security system, so it’s important to make sure you have one professionally installed by an electrician.

The security systems services that TPR Electrical offer include:

  • Alarm and CCTV installation
  • Access controls
  • Voice and video intercom systems
  • Fire and Smoke detection
  • Front door security monitoring systems
  • Infrared security monitoring systems
  • Complex security systems
  • Regular servicing and maintenance of existing security systems

Smoke alarms are especially important, and are legally required to be installed in all homes in South Australia. If you already have a smoke alarm installed, it’s important to get it regularly serviced and maintained to make sure it’s working to the optimal efficiency. For smoke detector installations and testing, cleaning, and other maintenance on all brands of smoke alarms and detectors, as well as battery replacement, get in contact with the qualified electricians at TPR Electrical.

One of the more common security systems that are installed are burglar alarms. They are often very effective at scaring away thieves attempting to gain access to your property, especially when they’re in view from the front of your house. However, we usually recommend using more than one form of security system, as they’re not guaranteed to ward off burglars from your property.

To protect your possessions and your family from a variety of possible dangers, speak to one of the qualified electricians at TPR Electrical today.

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